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Quality, Design-Built Custom Homes In Glen Rose, Texas



From pre-construction planning and design to building your custom home, we walk alongside you every step of the way. You are in control and decide what kind of home you want. We involve you in every decision-making aspect, including the smallest details...where light switches and outlets are placed, the styles of faucets and hardware, and the perfect paint and stain colors to accent your beautiful, custom home. We offer some basic construction services in addition to custom-designed homes.

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Preconstruction Planning

We help you manage the costs, negotiate the best materials, and outline the home of your dreams. Your house is designed by you and built by us with careful planning. 

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Building Your

We don't just build houses. Staples Custom Homes is always open to building a wide variety of structures in and around Glen Rose. All you need to do is ask us!

Integration Into the

Integration Into
The Community

Our goal is to build you a home and get you settled in the community. Staples Custom Homes is built on integrity, friendship, and the love of Jesus Christ. 



You design, we build.

Staples Custom Homes was founded in the year 1982, when Dwin Staples, the outgoing principal of Glen Rose High School, began building unique, custom homes in his community. Dwin began by building one home at a time, performing almost all of the actual labor himself. The demand for his quality houses grew exponentially and resulted in a gradual sub-contracting of labor to increase productivity. Dwin raised his two sons, Clint and Steve, on the job sites. They both decided to join Staples Custom Homes after graduating from Tarleton State and Angelo State Universities. Dwin has recently retired from the contracting aspect, but Clint and Steve equally divide the projects to ensure careful attention to the individual homeowner. Additionally, Clint personally oversees and installs interior trim work. Steve intricately designs and draws house plans in concert with the homeowners. Even being retired, Dwin still often does the construction site preparation and grade work for many of the construction projects. 


Staples Custom Homes is a local, family-owned and operated business. We believe that the integrity of our homes and our work is a reflection on us, and our integrity is rooted in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Steve, Clint, and Dwin

Please check out our welcoming video at the bottom of the site!

Where Do I Start?

Curious about where to begin?

What does a first meeting with Staples Custom Homes look like? We want to meet you where you are in the process of making your dream home into a reality. In other words, we need to find your starting point. View our "Where Do I Start?" video below for details. Also, check out our FAQ section for more answers to your questions. 

(Video will be posted soon.)

A first meeting with the Staples would not only be an introductory consultation to help find your starting point, but also to develop a relationship with us and establish a level of trust. That starting point could be finding a property to build on, designing blueprints, discussing infrastructure/utilities, and finding out where you are in the process of getting a house started. 



Want to see our past projects? Look through our gallery for ideas about your potential home!

We're still updating our website! More projects will be posted soon!


-Lee & Cindy Magee

"Lee and I moved to Glen Rose in the summer of 2001. We did not know anyone and, by chance, we met Margaret Staples, who led us to Dwin, Clint, and Steve. Our experience could not have been more pleasant. We feel like we have a beautiful and well-built home. The Staples surpassed all of our expectations and we have never hesitated to recommend them."

Ready To Build?

Are you ready to have a custom home built for yourself? Look at our contact page below and give us a call or send us an email! For more information about our company, visit the history/staff page.



Schedule an Appointment: 254-897-4237

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Head Office

1497 West Highway 67

Glen Rose, TX 76043

Tel: 254-897-4237

Fax: 254-897-9722

Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 174

Glen Rose, TX 76043


We're currently only hiring contract labor. To apply for a contract with Staples Custom Homes, please send a cover letter with your resume to:


For any inquiries, questions, or commendations, please call: 254-897-4237 or fill out our contact form.

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