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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Look through our FAQ prompts and videos to see the best answers to the most common questions regarding homebuilding. 


We are currently still working to update our new website. FAQ videos will be posted on this page soon!

Where Do I Start?

Curious about where to begin? - What does a first meeting with Staples Custom Homes look like? We want to meet you where you are in the process of making your dream home into a reality. In other words, we need to find your starting point. A first meeting with the Staples would not only be an introductory consultation to help find your starting point, but also to develop a relationship and establish a level of trust. That starting point could be finding a property to build on, designing blueprints, discussing infrastructure/utilities, and finding out where you are in the process of getting a house started. 


Why Custom Homes?

Why the focus on custom-built and designed homes?


Price Per Square Foot?

The price per square foot truly depends on the type of home you want. 


Bidding Process? 

What is a bidding process? How does it work?

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